SPARK 2023


Now in its third edition, Spark stands out as an event that combines valuable performance and spectacular setting to tell engaging stories.

This year, Spark staged a variety of experiences and ideas in which the ability to weave links between facts, cultures and people emerges as a key factor.


The 2023 edition of Spark introduced something new. The event was divided into two main panels. The first was dedicated to the theme of design and curated by Elena Dellapiana, professor of history of architecture and design at the Polytechnic of Turin, and Domitilla Dardi, design historian and curator.


The second panel focused on an intimate view of the little-known territories of the interior, where man and nature still meet. er. Here the contributions were those of Michele Serafini, founder of the Association Bosco di Mambrica, and Roberta Grifantini, olfactory & scent experience specialist. A connection between the two, artificial intelligence, as told by Andrea Girolami, journalist and content manager.


To light up the courtyard of La Rancia Castle, the amazing performance of the Compagnia dei Folli and the immersive scenography of Stark1200.

Fondazione Design Terrae.
Largo ‘815, 12 62029 Tolentino (MC) Italia.

Design Terrae foundation.
Largo ‘815, 12 62029 Tolentino (MC) Italy.