SPARK 2022


In continuity with the Design Terrae Festival, Spark 2022 also follows the theme of transition, explored through voices, characters and stories that show how we can evolve by transforming and experiencing the transition without moving away from one’s origins, but rather attuning them to contemporaneity.


Among the protagonists of the event Giacomo Zanchetti, designer and entrepreneur, with his choice to invest in the upper Macerata area, not only in production capacity but also in the experiences it offers. With him we talk about the unexpressed potential of the earth and how to create value locally while responding to global needs.

An example of the ability to combine doing business with social value was provided by Berardino d’Errico of Smartway, thanks to the regeneration of villages in territories far from the urban centre.

Another important entrepreneurial model was Claudio Rovere, President and CEO of Holding Moda spa, who testified how a modern vision can be combined with the manufacturing wisdom that inhabits the upper Macerata area.


The upper Macerata area is also the protagonist, which thanks to its natural and cultural richness is a candidate for recognition as a Biosphere Reserve: a value linked to the balanced relationship between man and nature, a true uniqueness in this portion of the Apennines.
Space for the people from the Occhio Nascosto dei Sibillini, fervent testimonials and ambassadors of the great environmental richness of these territories.


Accompanying the stories, the evocative sets of Stark 1200 and the vertical dance performance of Cafelulé, with the architecture of the Castle acting as a co-narrator.

Fondazione Design Terrae.
Largo ‘815, 12 62029 Tolentino (MC) Italia.

Design Terrae foundation.
Largo ‘815, 12 62029 Tolentino (MC) Italy.