The mission of Design Terrae and driving force of all its initiatives is to support the upper Macerata area, enhance it, promote its evolution, giving impetus to widespread planning.

For this mission, the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) certainly represents a significant incentive, with its development opportunities, which are essential especially for the territories inside the crater of the 2016 earthquake.

Fiastrone 2024

Design Terrae responded promptly to the request of support from the Municipalities along the Fiastrone river, supporting them in sharing and realizing a strategic and coordinated vision for their future. The result was a guidance document “Fiastrone 2024” which projects us into an innovative smart land, where we plan and act as a community, bringing together inhabitants and visitors.
The project looks at urban regeneration, services and infrastructures with a view to sustainability and attention to existing resources, giving space to indigenous vocations and the desire to be attractive and inclusive. It sees water, the identifying element of this valley, among the protagonists.

The attention of Fiastrone 2024 and Design Terrae also goes to entrepreneurship and commercial activities in the upper Macerata area and, through working groups reserved for private projects, aims to activate a dense network of relationships and connections, a joint vision and concrete actions.

Among the first objectives achieved is the financing of the “Qui Val di Fiastra” project, presented by the Municipality of Ripe San Ginesio, as part of the call for “Borghi PNRR” which is supported by Colmurano and Loro Piceno. The choral project that involved over 35 entities including Design Terrae, within the Borgofuturo+ festival, curated by the Inabita territorial laboratory, was awarded.

The Municipalities of Fiastrone 2024 have also activated a collaboration with Marchingegno, a company specialized in participatory and supply chain projects linked to public tenders. A synergy that aims to organize the rich network of walking/trekking/biking routes in this area of the Sibillini Mountains.

Call for “Borghi PNRR”

The foundation is also present alongside the Territorial Laboratory initiative and the Call for “Borghi PNRR” organized by MiBACT, with an expression of interest for the “HUB DELLE TRADIZIONI 2.0” action, which opens up synergies with the organization of the foundation’s Bootcamps.

Also, within the same call, Design Terrae supported the Municipality of San Ginesio by providing the CONVIVIUM project free of charge.

Fondazione Design Terrae.
Largo ‘815, 12 62029 Tolentino (MC) Italia.

Design Terrae foundation.
Largo ‘815, 12 62029 Tolentino (MC) Italy.