The heart of Design Terrae is the Alto Maceratese, where we are deeply rooted and where we wish to cultivate and embrace. We are doing it through projects near us that aims to reinterpret and conjugate to present, places that had a significant value for the community in the past, to organize initiatives and new experiences.



Our starting point is Tolentino, a small town that hosts a diamond tip of our territory: the Politeama.

The Cineteatro (a place serving both as a cinema and a theatre) was built in the 1920s in the heart of the city and it has been recently restored by the Franco Moschini Foundation, based on a project of the architect Michele De Lucchi.

From 2017 it has re-born as a polyfunctional cultural center and to host artistic events, cultural and educational conferences that contribute to the social evolution of the local community.




A design hotel that will see the light in Tolentino.

Not a simple accommodation facility, but a real experience in two dimensions: hospitality and culture.

A journey through time that starts from the old factory and residence of the entrepreneur Nazareno Gabrielli, creator of the homonymous brand, born at the beginning of the past century, among one of the most prestigious of the Italian fashion.

A symbolic place of the socio-economic development of the city in the last century, with evocative spaces, rich in history and stories, in which Design Terrae recognizes itself and lives; visiting and living it will be a way to share our vision and the spirit of our places.


We will keep you updated on
the new ideas that are taking shape.