La cultura del bello

Design Terrae is the concretion of the wish of its President, Franco Moschini, entrepreneur and patron from Le Marche Region. He has always been animated by love for his territory and the desire to contribute to its development, to value the past and build the future, from the Alto Maceratese.

For this reason, we created the Foundation Design Terrae, a converter hub for talents, projects, people, a creator and organizer of new development paths, activities, and events.

We focus on those who love “beautiful, good and well-made things”, open to innovation and youth.


We imagine the Alto Maceratese as a territory of authentic experiences, bonded to the fruition of contemporary culture and “creative landscape”, interpreted as a natural, historical, human asset.

We wish to shed a light upon these discreet and private places, telling their stories and sharing their knowledge, wonderful things, cultural values to be protected and nourished in all the expressions; as Gadamer used to say, “culture is the only good that shared by many, instead of decreasing, it becomes bigger.”

Discover where our journey starts Alto Maceratese