The keyword of the second edition of the Design Terrae Festival is CONNECTIONS. Connection to man, means a union that allows knowledge, comparison and evolution.


In nature everything is connected. The connection of knowledge acquires greater meaning when turned into plural, in a contemporary context of increasingly richer and more complex relationships.

If telecommunications exponentially amplify the number of connections, this capacity does not automatically become wealth. What matters is the way in which we connect, that determines the quality and value of our relationships.

The 2023 edition offers ideas and experiences to open to new connections with the complexity of the world.


SPARK, a glimmer that lights up dreams.

Now in its third edition, Spark tells stories through empathetic and spectacular performances. n 2023 it was divided into two panels: Design, with Elena Dellapiana and Domitilla Dardi, and Territory, with Michele Serafini and Roberta Grifantini. In the middle, connecting them, Artificial Intelligence with Andrea Girolami. The performance of the Compagnia dei Folli and the light scenography by Stark1200 lit up the courtyard of the Castle. The common thread is the ability to connect facts, cultures and people.

Many moments of sharing and entertainment characterized this edition of the Design Terrae Festival.

A photographic exhibition of the polaroids taken by Maurizio Galimberti in San Nicola and Villa Gabrielli.

A concert by pianist Ramin Bahrami, in a dialogue with Fabio Tiberi on the classical repertoire and Iranian pieces.

The artist residencies of Zeppillo, Carassai and Tassetti, with workshops open to the public and the final concert by Meg, Management and a DJ set by Samuel.

TEDx Macerata

CONNECTIONS was the TEDx of human relationships, of a mutual process in which each individual is different and makes his uniqueness available to the other to create something new for the entire community.

Fondazione Design Terrae.
Largo ‘815, 12 62029 Tolentino (MC) Italia.

Design Terrae foundation.
Largo ‘815, 12 62029 Tolentino (MC) Italy.