From creative reuse to a new life.

Beatrice, Cecilia, Chiara, Davide, Devis, Diana, Diego, Elisa, Giorgia, Nikola e Zoeli: these are the young protagonists of the Bootcamp, with different ages, competences and backgrounds. Under the attentive guidance of Massimo Barbierato and Emilio Antinori, they have investigated and experimented the “art” of creative reuse, through analysis and visualization of processes, materials, data and energy.

A challenge that lasted a week, through 5 different working groups, projects and innovative perspectives were created: paper from wood sawdust, walking sticks or tiles and wall coverings. Perfect scenery for an experimental design workshop, our location: the Casale delle Noci, a space out of the ordinary and a private residence restored by Gae Aulenti, immersed in the countryside of Tolentino,  in the park of Franco Moschini‘s estate.

Design stories in a bridging mood

Design Terrae Bootcamp also made room for special meetings and discussions with people that could bring valuable experiences. So the participants could listen to the stories of professionals like Spalvieri & Del Ciotto, Martino Gamper, Lorenzo Scodeller and Zoe Romano.

An enlightening discussion between different perspectives and design practices that interpret and face sustainability challenges.

The report of 2021 edition

To find out more on the Design Terrae Bootcamp and get to know the method and the results of this first edition, it is possible to download the Report BOOTCAMP 2021